Innovative Mortgage offers three compensation plans.  Each plan empowers loan originators to elect and modify their compensation quarterly.   Originators can also modify their plan quarterly as well. Innovative deducts a flat transaction fee from the loan originator's elected compensation and disburses the balance to the loan originator.


All compensation plans include:

  1. Correspondent channel commissions disbursed within 48-72 business hours of funding.

  2. Wholesale brokered transactions typically compensated within 1-2 weeks after funding.

  3. Personalized originator web page with an online web application.

  4. Calyx origination software ($120/quarter) installed on unlimited workstations.

  5. Optional Mobile Mortgage Application ($100/quarter).

  6. Full DU/LP privileges.

  7. Credit report privileges.

  8. Management support.

  9. Vendor pricing discounts.

  10. Direct lender pricing.